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Round Up: Week of May 27 – June 2

June 7, 2012

Cecelia Webber’s Intricate Flowers Made Of Nude Bodies.

Zhao Huasen’s Incredible Photographs Of Floating Bicyclists: “A really great bike ride can make you feel like you are floating in mid-air. These photographs we saw on My Modern Met have a similar effect. Zhao Huasen photographed hundreds of cyclists going about their everyday bike rides. He then digitally erased the bicycles from the record, leaving their shadows in place on the pavement below. Through this erasure, the riders appear frozen in space, although many of their faces still look either stressed out or bored by their commute. They remain oblivious to their invaluable part in Zhao’s fantastic world, which might be the best part.”

Fumi Nakamura’s ‘Our Hands Will Eventually Destroy Everything Beautiful’.

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers Were Mutants, Gene Study Suggests: “The word “sunflower” brings to mind a mane of vibrant yellow petals encircling a dark whorl of seeds. But not all sunflowers are alike. Some sunflowers have scraggly petals, for instance, or small centers. Many of the sunflowers Vincent Van Gogh depicted in his famous series of oil paintings look rather unusual, sporting wooly, chrysanthemum-like blooms. Now, scientists have pinpointed the genetic mutation responsible for these strange sunflowers’ abundance of small yellow petals.”

Kit Cat Tree

Seinfeld Episodes that Wouldn’t Work Today: “I love Seinfeld. I’m not a super fan or obsessive about it (especially since the show ran while I was ages 2-11) but I’m always up for it, because it always makes me laugh. There’s a Seinfeld episode for every random life situation. That’s what’s so great about it. The show ended 15 years ago, but somehow it still resonates with people. Except for one minor thing: most episodes of Seinfeld would be impossible today. Think about it. Think of all those really great episodes, and all those moments that leave George, Elaine, Kramer and Jerry baffled, where you and I would just pull out a cell phone. Technology has sky-rocketed in the past 20 years, and a lot of their sticky situations could easily be averted with an iPhone. There are countless incidents where they needed to get a hold of one another in a pinch, or look up a movie time, or find some random factoid on the internet, and they could do that in a snap if they had smart phones. But with that addition, those episodes would also be shortened to 5 minutes, and no one would watch them. But that would suck, so let’s just watch them and find some enjoyment the technology gap, shall we?”

Lost without Fox Trot.

Phillip Toledano’s ‘A New Kind Of Beauty’ Comes To Kopeikin Gallery (PHOTOS, NSFW): “Phillip Toledano’s latest exhibition, titled, “A New Kind Of Beauty” is heading for Los Angeles. The photo series captures classical portraits of subjects who had extreme cosmetic surgery; each model has undergone a combination of procedures including nose jobs, eyelid lifts, breast and pec implants, and collagen injections. The transformative procedures make the models look almost inhuman, and yet the portraits suggest a new frontier of beauty, perhaps one that has not even fully evolved yet.”

Mengyu Chen.

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