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Uptown Art: Week of 22 – 28

May 1, 2012

Let’s do it for Leo.

A look back at the top stories.

New Medical Studies Reveals Cause Of Frida Kahlo’s Infertility: “Frida Kahlo’s works conveyed complex physical and psychological turmoil, often with astounding anatomical accuracy. Infertility remained a motif throughout her works, with the artist creating haunting visions of fetuses, bloody bedsheets and connected umbilical cords. Though the symbolism of her heartache has been researched by art historians for decades, her unexpected mastery of human anatomy was not investigated until now. Dr. Fernando Antelo is a surgical pathologist at UCLA. When he looked at Kahlo’s painted stories, he did not just see a figurative representation, he saw a medical mystery. From the anatomic precision in the works it looked as if Kahlo had visited a doctor or at least studied medical books in her spare time. Dr. Antelo told MSN: “I see her as a patient wanting to tell me about her symptoms, and at the same time I see her advanced knowledge, her ability to tell me about it as another physician would.””

Greenville Police Department begins to blog:

“The Greenville Police Department has begun blogging online to give the public an alternative way to receive an inside look at the day-to-day operations of the department, as well as a way to send out valuable information.

Sgt. Joe Friday, the departments’ public information officer, created the blogging site when he began in January of this year. The goal of the blog site was to allow the public access to potentially unknown information that they may want, or that can help them understand and make decisions and opinions about their local law enforcement.”

‘The Quarry’ creates quality pizza: “With endless combinations of pizza, the smell of melted cheese, a packed restaurant, and the anticipation of Greenville’s newest restaurant, my girlfriend and I ventured downtown Saturday night to see what “The Quarry” was all about. Though their two-page menu offered only a few pizza options and appetizers, “The Quarry” revealed their full menu yesterday during their official grand opening. The previous week acted as their soft opening, which only offered a portion of their menu. Still, the atmosphere inside was alive and abuzz. It seemed as though I wasn’t the only one curious about the food, as anxiety filled the eatery.”

Why We Think Printmaking is Far from Dying: “When we had an interview with JP Cuison he shared how he does his prints through screen printing and painting. We go so hooked up to printmaking that we decided to do another interview with a group of print makers from the Philippines. If you’re into printmaking, make sure to check out that interesting post. Since we’re featuring a group of printmakers soon, we’d like to let the internet know that printmaking is not yet dead, well not in the near future.
We’d like to point out that printmaking and printing are two different things. Printmaking involves the creation of artwork by printing it on paper or canvas which produces a different “Impression” in each piece. This makes each art piece produced through printmaking a unique piece of art, normally differentiated through a series of numbers. On the other hand, printing in general is the reproduction of text or image for varying purposes. These can be for posterity, academic, or commercial purposes.”

Stop Sign Yarn Flowers Must Be Stopped, San Diego Officials Say: “A public art controversy is blooming in San Diego thanks to a mysterious man who has turned 100 stop signs into flowers using yarn and wire. Back in March, the computer programmer who only identifies himself as “Bryan” started a “yarn bombing” project in which he and a dozen others knitted and crocheted green stems and leaves onto 100 stop signs in his neighborhood. “I went out at night and wrapped scarves that I had already knitted around the signposts and stitched them to the poles and added leaves that I made with yarn and wire,” Bryan told The Huffington Post. “At first, people ignored me, wanting to avoid that guy standing on a step-ladder near a stop sign, but as I got up to 50, 60 signs, people started to stick their heads out of their cars and tell me they loved what I was doing.””

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